Chempack is the largest FIBC manufacturer in Russia. The company has two modern and wellequipped production plants. Chempack is vertically integrated company and has full-scale in-house production, starting from PP, PE granules, extrusion of PP tapes, weaving of fabric (all supplied by Starlinger of Austria), PE blown film extrusion lines (Windmoeller & Hoelscher), automatic liner making machines, cutting and printing of PP fabric, and confection units. As the leader in the Russian market, Chempack is also gaining more presence in other parts of Europe. The company is already supplying containers to the biggest European producers of fertilisers, chemicals, food and cement. Chempack’s mission, which is actually seen in its everyday performance, is not just to sell FIBCs, but to provide a wide range of services and expertise. Company engineers and R&D staff visit to each partner site to test new FIBC models and to provide all necessary corrections to the final product. The main target is to meet all of customer’s requests and simplify the life of operators. Chempack has its own division which designs and installs the filling stations on the plants, so it is highly experienced in this field. “When we come to test our FIBCs we also examine the filling stations and give our recommendations if necessary. This is highly appreciated by our partners,” the company says.

Having good R&D and its own well-equipped testing and quality labs, the company is confident of the quality of its products. Production is certified for ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO22000. The product range consists of one, two and four loop FIBCs, as well as special products like wagonliners, 3-layer big bags, etc. All FIBCs are certified according to ISO 21898 for non-dangerous goods or UN Recommendations for the packaging of dangerous goods. Chempack has its own clean production, certified by ISO22000, which passed the internal audits of several big international companies and is producing special FIBCs for the food and pharma industries. The packaging solutions can be provided in both types – bags on pallets and bags on rolls. A recently installed automatic RFID tag application system makes it possible to apply the RFID tags to any order without spending extra time and labour cost. Chempack has its own warehouse facilities of more than 120,000 sqm and experienced transport and customs departments which make it realistic to deliver to most European countries within 5-7 days.